As you may know i am fascinated by fashion art,history,and different cultures.

I've started to investigating the history of eye wear and got inspired more and more.

The need to see when reading is as old as humanity.
From the 5th century B.C., magnifying glasses were used by ancient Egyptians, they were a simple magnifier, likely used by scholars or those of the noble classes.
several ancient Greek sources mention using glass magnification as a reading aid.
In the 12th century Chinese sunglasses were made from panes of smoky quartz but it was not until the late 13th century that lenses were worn on the face to help people see, a hand held style that one could hold over the nose.
At the 20th century as new materials came into use, glasses could be made of celluloid and metal. Eyeglasses became more commonly worn by both genders on a daily basis, although it was slow going.
At the start of the 20th century,

Sunglasses, which had been rare and were mostly used in cases of disease or infirmity, first became popular in the 1920s and ’30s for the upper and middle classes. Spectacle shapes got bigger and more varied.

Seeing someone wearing eyeglasses today is just common.Glasses are a tool that provides vision to most people, but why not using it as a piece of adornment? 











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